Even at the very beginning Innotech Cabinetry has been different from the competition. From our business philosophy and positioning strategies, right down to the way we handle our material and build our product, we are, in a word, unique. What is it that has created such a distinguished mindset within this company? To be honest, it is actually quite simple: Question everything.

At Innotech Cabinetry we do not believe in setting standards- we believe in raising them. We do not settle for ‘good enough’- in fact we never settle at all. And you will never hear us say the phrases “builder grade” or “renovation line.” This mindset has evolved to a point where we have coined our own saying:

‘Leave each day knowing you have taken one step closer towards the endless pursuit of perfection.’

These words, and their associated mindset, can be seen not only in our shop – but in the products we send out of it.

Innotech Cabinetry is not a ‘we-do-everything’ company. We specialize in the supply of cabinetry to home builders, contractors, renovation specialists, and do-it-yourselfers. We are a company who believes in giving other professionals a product they can be proud to install. Whether you are a retail company looking for a reliable supplier, a renovation specialist or a house-flipper looking for a great product in a timely fashion, or a home builder looking for a cabinet supplier, we are ready to prove to you why Innotech Cabinetry is the best cabinetry supplier you will ever have.

If you are a customer looking for ‘more’ such as detailed design services, a showroom, or installation services we highly recommend visiting Hawthorne Kitchens (Kingston)- a proud distributor of our product and a company that shares our business philosophy.